33 Works For Me

I’m a little late posting this (almost a year to be exact), and its not that I haven’t been writing, its just that well, sometimes life happens, and you feel less than inspired. Or, Instagram happens and you spend countless hours that you would have spent writing, scrolling through the lives of strangers (which is … More 33 Works For Me


Before there was breakage, there was Flight. Flight When there are no answers No certainties Nothing connecting her to reason Tethering her to solid ground The grounding force of what has been Dismantled Her broken wings outstretched She yearns to fly And yet she knows not where to go Her sense of direction thwarted by … More Flashback


Discarded disregarded thrown away. Something not worth fighting for forgotten once loved. You said you could love me no longer. And as my heart shattered and the world fell away you left me with the words still clinging to my tongue reeling through my mind enveloping my skin. How do you turn it off? Love. … More Breakage

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, when the story began, and every page was filled, the chapters flowing easily one into the next, there was an Us. Once upon a time, before The End was written, there were not enough words to capture the feeling of happily ever after that lay just within my grasp. Sometimes there … More Once Upon a Time

The End.

I know that this is an unlikely way to begin a story. The End usually being reserved for fairy tales and Disney movies where everything is happily ever after. But happily ever after’s are in fact hard to come by, and the older I get, the more I realize that endings are rarely ever happily … More The End.